What Makes a Good Candidate for an Independent Living Community?

People frequently consider relocation as they get older in order to simplify their living conditions. Moving to an independent living (IL) community is a good option for seniors who are still physically and intellectually capable of living alone and would appreciate the company of people their age. IL communities encourage active lifestyles in a safe setting, with low-maintenance living options and on-site sociability and leisure activities.

So, to assist you in making this decision, we’ve put up a quick checklist to see whether you’re a suitable fit for our independent senior living community.

Basic Questions You Should Ask

Do you appear to be in good health? 

If you answered yes then you’d be a great candidate for independent living.

Would they like to live in a neighborhood among their peers? 

If you love interacting with the neighbors and people your age, independent living is for you!

What is your financial situation?

Can you afford independent living? This is something we can review together.

Will I still have independence if I move to Terrace Place?

Independent living is about preserving your independence for longer by making life easier. You’ll enjoy the privacy of your own home, filled with your own furniture and possessions, and spend your days as you choose. While you’ll maintain your independence, you’ll lose the stress of maintenance and upkeep.

Please fill out the Terrace Place application form https://terraceplace.org/wp-content/pdfs/VCS_Independent_Living_Application_Fillable.pdf if an independent living community sounds like a good fit.