Terrace Place Favorite Things About Fall

While some individuals aren’t quite ready to say goodbye to summer, we adore autumn and greet it with open arms.

Our favorite things about fall

Clothing Styles – Fall provides us an excuse to dress up in luxurious textiles like cashmere, corduroy, and wool. And, when the weather becomes colder, we can layer up with hats, sweaters, scarves, and coats to keep warm while looking stylish!

The Scenery –  Fall demonstrates that diversity is the spice of life. Green is wonderful, but fall proves that variety is the spice of life. We see yellows, oranges, and reds as we walk along a tree-lined street or along our nature trails at Terrace Place.

Food – Fall is the season for eating! According to studies, we consume around 200 calories extra each day in the autumn. There’ll be candy for Halloween, turkey for Thanksgiving, and plenty of apple cider to wash it all down.

Football season – Sports fans throughout the country have much to rejoice about on Saturdays and Sundays when their favorite collegiate and professional teams hit the field. Here at Terrace place, we love watching our residents in the common room watching TV with each other.

Here at Terrace Place we hope everyone has a fantastic Fall season.