Smartphone Safety for Independent Living.

Smartphones are fun and convenient, but if a few safety measures are ignored, this same device can become the makings of a nightmare filled with trouble and heartache. Use these helpful tips to stay safe when using your smartphone.

Be Careful When Using Public Wi-Fi – It’s a great idea to use the free public Wi-Fi to avoid data charges. However, it is a smart idea to carefully consider what you do when using that public Wi-Fi. Avoid accessing secure sites like banking apps. Scammers may be able to gain entry to your account information when you are on public Wi-Fi.

Don’t Fall for Phishing Scams – We know that you’d like to trust the messages you receive on your smartphones, but remember, an unsolicited email or download received on your phone is just as suspect as one you receive on your desktop or laptop. Never give out personal information via email or text message, and don’t download anything from sources you don’t absolutely trust.

Password Protect Your Phone: ​If the phone is lost or stolen, a thief can access the contact list, your personal account data and any identifying information quickly. Setting up password protection or finger recognition is the safe thing to do.

At the Terrace Place our residents enjoy our secure Wi-Fi and the benefits of technology. After all, email, online photo-sharing, and browsing the internet are all part of keeping up with loved ones and with the world.