Independent Living Pittsburgh – Pet Friendly Senior Living Near Me.

Here at the Terrace Place, you can live the life you want to with your beloved pet! Did you know that more than half of adults ages 50 to 80 have a pet? So why not bring them to an amazing new home!

The Terrace Place encourages you to bring your pets with you! What other Independent living facilities will let you do that? There are trails outside of Terrace Place at Vincentian where you and your pets can go for beautiful walks.

What are the benefits of having a pet in independent living?

There are many ways pets can have a positive impact on the lives of adults.

Less Stress: Physically touching a pet (such as petting a dog or cat) often brings a sense of calm and may help to alleviate stress.

More Active: Older adults living in a community setting (such as independent living) who own a dog walked an additional 22 minutes per day more than those without.

Having a Routine: Tending a pet provides the routine which daily life can be structured. Routines in daily living can help our residents stay consistent not just with pets but with life as a whole.

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