Spring Cleaning for Independent Adults

Spring is known as the season of new beginnings and spring cleaning is a yearly tradition. While doing chores may not sound very exciting, spring cleaning actually has many benefits. In fact, a clean home can help reduce allergies, increase happiness, and improve concentration.

As the weather turns warmer, take the time to get your home organized and tidy. Here are three simple spring cleaning tips for seniors:

  • Eliminate the clutter

It may be difficult to part with the items you’ve accumulated over the years, but hoarding the things that you rarely use takes up space, and has the potential to negatively impact your physical and mental health.

To get rid of the clutter make three separate piles: yes, no and maybe. Place all of the items you use often in the yes pile, and turn items that are just taking up space in your home to the no pile.

  • Dust

During your spring cleaning, make it a priority to thoroughly dust your house. Don’t forget to dust light fixtures, fans, baseboards, shelves, table tops, and electronics. To avoid having to use any kind of step stool, use a duster with an extended handle. The handle will help you in both high and low hard to reach places.

  • Throw Out Expired or Unused Medications

Expired medications can be dangerous (expired food as well). Unused medications should also be thrown out since they are likely no longer needed and could possibly be harmful. Places to check include the fridge, cupboards, their medicine cabinet, and the pantry.

These simple spring cleaning tips can make your home clean and fresh with minimal effort. If you feel overwhelmed by the idea of tackling a big spring clean, get help. Ask friends or family members to come over for the day and work as a team. What spring cleaning tips are your favorite? Share them in the comments below.