Safe Cleaning Tools For Older Adults To Use

It is widely assumed that a clean home is a healthy home. This is because keeping our home clean reduces our exposure to disease-causing bacteria. However, as we age, some physical limitations may prevent us from using the same cleaning methods as in the past.

Here are some cleaning tools that are both effective and gentle on our joints:

Robot Vacuum

A self-propelled robot vacuum is one of the most useful and time-saving cleaning tools available. Not only can they do your weekly vacuuming, but most robo-vacuums can be programmed to run at specific times, avoid certain rooms or areas, and respond to voice commands.

Swiffer Sweeping Mop

It is critical to have a cleaning tool that can reach all of your home’s nooks and crannies. A Swiffer is an example of such a tool.

Swiffers come in a variety of sizes, so there’s bound to be one version that you’d want in your home. If you’re looking for ideas, the lightweight Swiffer Sweeper is an excellent Swiffer product.

A Swiffer Sweeper is useful because it can be used as both a broom and a mop. This is due to the fact that it includes disposable wet and dry pads. Some people even choose to use only dry pads and spray a cleaning solution on the floor to provide the wetness required to function as a mop.

The Swiffer Sweeper can get underneath furniture. As a result, it is ideal for the older adults who want to assist with housekeeping.

Extendable Duster

A dusting tool with an extendable, telescoping handle is ideal for reaching out-of-reach dust and cobwebs. Look for one with a flexible pole and a duster head that can bend to fit into tight spaces and odd angles.

Set-and-Forget Deep Cleaners

Deep cleaners that you apply to the soiled surface and leave in place for 5 minutes to a few hours are even easier than all-purpose cleaners. Some require you to wipe up the residue after the application time is up, but many—including foaming shower cleaners, Drano or drain sticks, dishwasher-cleaning tablets, carpet stain removers, and others—simply clean the surface and dissolve on their own, reducing the amount of effort and elbow grease required.


Regardless of mobility limitations, the cleaning tools listed above are all useful and convenient. So, whether or not you are the primary housekeeper, you should give them a chance. They offer a painless way to keep both your home and yourself in top condition!