Older Adult-Friendly Dog Breeds

Getting a dog as a pet is something to think about in the long run. In your mid-to-late 50s, 60s, 70s, or beyond, this is especially true. Many older adults live alone, so it makes sense to get a canine friend to help with occasional feelings of loneliness and isolation.

Pets can improve our moods in the same way that a roommate or partner does, regardless of where we live. However, you will need to give quite a bit of care to your dog which can be a problem if you don’t have that time available to dedicate to your pet.

If you decide to get a dog, make sure that you take the time to carefully consider the several options of dog breeds and their characteristics before choosing your furry companion. Here is a list of some of the best older adults-friendly dog breeds.

  • Papillon

The top dog for older adults on our list is Papillon. The name “papillon” refers to the characteristic butterfly-shaped ears and webbed feet of the breed. These lively dogs are little and really cute.

Their neck, shoulders, and large ears all have long, poofy hair that grows on them. They are extremely intelligent and simple to train. Papillons are excellent dogs for smaller homes or apartments because they are well-adjusted and don’t require a lot of walking, despite their high energy levels.

If you have grandchildren, you don’t have to be concerned about the young ones playing with your Papillon since they are excellent with children. Your adorable puppy will undoubtedly keep you happy and in good shape. Overall, Papillon dogs are excellent for anyone looking for a tiny, hypoallergenic, low-shedding pet. 

  • Corgi

Corgis are well-liked but incredibly pricey to buy! Recognized for its intelligence and athleticism, the Corgi was initially developed to herd livestock and sheep in the Welsh mountains. The Welsh word “cawr” is where the term “corgi” comes from. The Pembroke Welsh Corgi, the Dachshund, and other terrier breeds were some of the Corgi’s predecessors.

Corgis make wonderful indoor dogs for homes or apartments and are great with kids. When left alone, Corgis have a tendency to bark a lot and require a lot of activity. They gain weight quickly if they don’t exercise every day. Additionally, they shed their hair at least twice a month, so plan on cleaning your house frequently.

  • Pug

Pugs have been around for more than 400 years and were first developed in China. In the 1600s, Dutch traders brought them to Europe. In France, the breed gained popularity under the name “Dutch Pugs.”

Pugs have short hair, making it simple to maintain their grooming. They do not require a lot of exercise, but a Pug that does not receive enough exercise will tend to gain a lot of weight.

For older adults who don’t want to deal with the trouble of taking a dog for regular walks, we suggest pugs. As a result of being prone to upset stomachs and allergies, pugs should only be fed the right dog food, as advised by your veterinarian. These entertaining puppies will be a hit with your grandchildren! Pugs are also among the best lap dog breeds for older adults.

  • West Highland White Terrier

Small terriers with enormous personalities are known as West Highland White Terriers or Westies. Their head and tail usually have black, brown, or tan markings on a white coat. They are renowned for having a thick, somewhat weather-resistant coat that is curly.  Additionally, Westies are hypoallergenic and require little grooming.

The Westie has long ears that stand up straight, almond-shaped eyes, and a long nose. These adorable white puppies are eager to please their owner and are well-mannered. West Highland White Terriers are amazing with other canines and kids due to their incredibly friendly temperament.

  • Cairn Terrier

Scotsmen first developed the Cairn Terrier in the 19th century to hunt foxes, badgers, otters, and other small wildlife. Additionally, it served as a farm dog to deter rats from crops. They do have a tendency to chase small animals because they were developed to be hunting dogs. This should be taken into consideration if you are thinking of adopting a Canin Terrier.

We suggest getting a Cairn Terrier if you enjoy gardening and have a small yard. These beautiful dogs will keep rabbits out of your lettuce patch and pests out of your house.  These intelligent and lovable tiny dogs must have their long fur regularly brushed to prevent matting.

  • Beagle

The beagle is a diminutive hound that stands between 12 and 14 inches high at the shoulder and weighs between 14 and 18 pounds. Beagles have long, floppy ears that are high on their heads and short hair. Their tail curls over their backside when they are joyful or excited.

Beagles need daily exercise and space to roam around in your house or backyard. They are also very obedient dogs who always want to please their owners, yet they can become obstinate if they don’t get what they want or need. If you are seeking a tiny dog breed that needs lots of walks, we suggest beagles.

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