How Yoga Benefits Independent Senior Communities

At Terrace Place, we host yoga classes for our residents! Below are a number of the benefits associated with doing yoga on a consistent basis!

Enhanced Flexibility

Yoga practice improves flexibility of all ages. Seniors with increased flexibility can have a decreased rate of injury due to falls, and can recover more quickly from other injuries or pain.

Improved Balance

Naturally, our balance suffers as we get older. When seniors participate in yoga, they are actively working on their balance. Seniors with better balance are less likely to fall.

Body Control

Throughout each yoga class, residents are encouraged to pay attention to specific parts of their bodies. This body awareness can translate to decreased falls, as well as increased awareness of when they are fatigued or not feeling well.

Brain Activity

Taking a yoga class brings more than just physical benefits. Most yoga involves reaching an arm across the body. This is called “crossing the midline” and has shown to increase brain activity and coordination.

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