Fun Fall Activities That Seniors Love

While we all enjoy the warm weather that summer brings, there’s no doubt that fall is a beautiful time of the year.

With the changing of colors, crisp weather, and pumpkin flavored everything, it’s no wonder that so many people prefer the fall. But, if you’re a senior, then you’re probably wondering what to do during this new season.

Luckily, there are just as many things to do in the fall as there is to do in the summer.

Check out this guide to learn about some of the best fall activity ideas for seniors.

  1. Enjoy the Fall Air

Fall is the perfect time of year to enjoy the great outdoors. Not only is the weather crisp and cool, but the fall colors offer a beautiful change in scenery.

Plus, going for a walk is great for your health. Daily walking can help improve your cardiovascular fitness, lift your mood, reduce pain, and lower your blood sugar levels.

Even just opening the window a crack to take in the crisp air is refreshing!

  1. Do You Like to Pick Pumpkins?

Visiting a local pumpkin patch is an excellent day trip for the whole family. Soergel’s Orchard is located within 10 minutes of Terrace Place!

  1. Fall Treats

Fall is the perfect time to get back into baking. In addition to baking, fall is a great time to expand your cooking skills by incorporating seasonal vegetables such as squash, root vegetables, and parsnips.

  1. Fall Crafting

Fall is a great time for residents to work on their artistic skills before the holidays! One popular fall decor item is an autumn wreath that features everything from candy corn to fall leaves to small ears of corn. Residents also decorate pumpkins and hang up spooky decorations for Halloween.

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