Downsizing Tips Before You Move Into Terrace Place.

Leaving a lifetime worth of possessions to go live in a smaller home, particularly an independent living community for adults 55+, is not easy.

If you’re planning a move to a independent living community, you may have six months or even a year to get ready. But that time will pass quickly, and downsizing will take more time and effort than you might think.

Here at Terrace Place, we have the following tips to help your moving process be as seamless and painless as possible.

Tip 1 – Follow the “one-year” rule.

A good way to tell if you’ll use something is if you’ve used it within the past year. If a baking dish or CD player is collecting dust in the closet, it probably won’t be needed. Note: This helps with common-use items, not keepsakes. A once-read paperback can go; a favorite book may find a place in the new home, even if it hasn’t been read in years.

Tip 2 – Get rid of duplicates.

You’ll find this is especially true in your kitchen. You have two or three spatulas and ladles, and four different-sized cookie sheets. Now’s the time to reduce the clutter. If you’re having doubts of handing off that second roasting pan because you use it every Christmas (but at no other time during the year), consider giving it to a child or grandchild who can bring it over for the holiday and take it home when they leave.

Tip 3 – Set Aside Time Each Week

Devote some time on a monthly basis — or, better yet, weekly — to tackle one room at a time. Doing a little at a time won’t make it overwhelming.

Tip 4 – Consider a Family Storage Unit

Even if you can’t bear to part with your eight-track collection, how often do you listen to the tapes? Renting a storage unit will allow you or your family to keep the clutter without crowding your living space. In a smaller space, a single object can really change a room. So simply switching objects — small furniture, decor, even books — from your storage unit to your new assisted living community space can totally re-make your living area.

The time to get started is now, even if your move is months away, there’s no time like the present to start downsizing for your move to a independent living community. When the time comes, having less stuff will result in less stress and a pleasant moving experience. Terrace Place is an independent living community for adults 55+, in Allison Park, PA, and provides a variety of choices from housing to services to amenities. Contact Us TODAY!