5 Tips for a Beautiful Thanksgiving Table Setting

Thanksgiving is right around the corner! The menu is probably all set, but have you given any thought to how your table will be set up? One of the things that makes Thanksgiving so memorable is a gorgeous table.

We have provided five simple recommendations that can help you put together a beautiful table that is simple, affordable, and still allows room for all the food.

Tip 1 – Use a Table Runner or Covering

We recommend that you have two standard table runners ready for any situation. Keeping one solid colored table runner and one printed one helps you be prepared in case you need to replace an existing table runner.

In addition to Thanksgiving, you can use the table runners for Christmas, Halloween, and even Valentine’s Day if you choose more neutral colors for your table runners. All you need to do is add a splash of color to make it fit with the holiday you are celebrating.

Tip 2 – Create a Centerpiece by Using Fall-Inspired Items

Make a simple centerpiece after selecting your table runner or covering. Think of fall themes items like apples, oranges, cranberries, leaves, sticks, pinecones, herbs, and pumpkins when coming up with a centerpiece.

When you’re at the grocery store buying the food for Thanksgiving Day, stop by the floral section; flowers are always a winner when it comes to centerpieces. They provide an amazing selection of affordable flowers and foliage to help bring your table to life.

Tip 3 – Increase the Height of Your Centerpiece

Once your centerpiece is ready, adjust the height of it by setting the centerpiece on plates or cutting boards. It’s a fantastic technique to give your tablescape depth and variety. Add just a little bit of height so you can still see the people across the table.

Tip 4 – Choose Napkins That Match Your Tablecloth

We recommend that you keep the napkins plain and pattern-free when using a patterned table runner. Place paper napkins diagonally on the plate or behind the silverware to give a professional, yet simple table setting.

Be careful to not combine too many different designs on the table. The best way to avoid this is to use simple napkins with a patterned tablecloth or runner and fun napkins with a plain tablecloth or runner.

Tip 5 – Make the Setting Special

Placing simple note cards with a remark or phrase on each plate rather than designating seats can be a great way to add something extra to your Thanksgiving table. Decorate each plate with the same materials. Feel free to match the place settings, or if you want a more casual atmosphere, arrange something different on each table.

The most important thing to remember is to have a Thanksgiving table setting that is perfect for you and your loved ones.

Embracing Technology As An Older Adult

You can be physically and socially active well into your older years thanks to the advancements made possible by modern technology. However, learning to embrace technology can be overwhelming and frustrating. We have provided some helpful tips for embracing technology.

Perspectives on Technology

Digital technology can be viewed as a challenge that must be overcome, but there are numerous approaches to doing so. Setting small personal tasks for yourself daily to help you embrace technology is a great way to get started.

Tasks such as employing manuals, trial and error, or other strategies to defeat software updates, undesirable viruses, or spam mail are all beneficial approaches in embracing technology.

Other approaches to digital technology such as enlisting the aid of friends and family is known to be extremely helpful in the learning curve of technology. This tactic not only works, but it also encourages social interaction with friends and family.

Familiarity and Continued Use

Familiarity with technology can help you continue to use it more frequently. Downloading software and apps that you are familiar with can help make technology feel less overwhelming.

The more familiar you become with technology, the more likely you are to continue using it. Alternatives such as utilizing a keyboard and mouse in place of a touch screen  can be helpful in encouraging continued use of technology due to it being easier to use.

The Benefits of Technology

Understanding the value and benefits of technology can help you to embrace technology and become motivated to learn more. Learning how using social media apps can make it simpler to stay in touch with family and friends, wherever they may be in the world.

Technology can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. By taking some of the previously mentioned tips into consideration, you are sure to embrace technology as an older adult.

Apartment Amenities at Terrace Place

Are you looking for an independent living community with a wide range of apartment amenities? If you said yes, then Terrace Place is perfect for you! In this blog, we are going to discuss some of the apartment amenities that Terrace Place offers.

Open Floor Plan

If you want an apartment with lots of space, our open floor plan style apartments might be a good fit for you and your needs. You can host parties, have your friends and family over, and relax in the comfort of your own open floor-plan apartment.

Smart Technology

If you have wanted an apartment with smart technology, Terrace Place is the place for you! All of our apartments are equipped with smart technology so that you can get the most out of your apartment.

Pet Friendly

Just because you are moving into an independent living apartment, that doesn’t mean your furry friends can’t come too! At Terrace Place, we welcome your pets with open arms and would love to have them move into your apartment with you.

Patio or Balcony

Do you like sitting on a patio or balcony in the morning while sipping coffee or tea? Terrace Place’s apartments come with a patio or balcony for you to relax and enjoy a quiet morning or evening.

Stainless Steel Appliances

All of our apartments include stainless steel appliances, which allows you to enjoy the sleek and modern look of your apartment.

Granite Countertops

All kitchen countertops in the apartments at Terrace Place are made of granite, ensuring you have a beautiful and easy-to-clean kitchen countertop.

If you would like to learn more and see a full list of our apartment amenities here at Terrace Place, please contact us today for more information.

Fun and Easy Hobby Ideas for Older Adults

As we age, many of us discover that we have a lot more free time. Many of us opt to work part-time or retire, which leaves us with endless hours to do anything we choose. It’s crucial for older folks to maintain their physical and social activity. This can lower your risk of acquiring a number of health issues in addition to preventing boredom and loneliness. The solution is to take up one or two new hobbies. To provide some inspiration, we have compiled a list of fun and easy hobby ideas for older adults.


Musical Instrument Playing

It’s never too late to pick up an instrument and start playing your favorite music again. When playing alone or with companions, musical instruments like the acoustic guitar, ukulele, and piano provide new options to improve your abilities and enjoy your favorite songs.


Bird Watching 

When you simply stop and observe the environment around you, you could be shocked by what you notice. Observing birds may be a lot of joy. You’ll be struck by their wit, intelligence, dexterity, and social skills. If you are unable to go around anymore, bird watching might be a fantastic new hobby to attempt. It is simple to perform from the convenience of a house window or while walking around the neighborhood. You will become familiar with the local birds and their characteristics as you observe them over time.

There are several strong reasons why birdwatching is swiftly rising to the top of the list of popular hobbies across the nation. It is easy, affordable, and it motivates us to spend time outside. Additionally, this pastime helps improve focus, attentiveness, and attention to detail. Older adults who learn the timing and pattern of the neighborhood birds’ arrivals and departures may find it relaxing.



Active individuals can experiment in the kitchen with fresh ingredients to experience different cultures and cuisines from across the world. Cooking becomes a means to improve your favorite nostalgic foods, explore new recipes, and wow friends and family at dinner parties and holiday gatherings.



Because they provide projects for crafters of all skill levels, crocheting and related indoor hobbies like knitting and cross-stitching are excellent. Create blankets, dishcloths, headbands, scarves, adorable plush animals, and just about anything else you can think of by crocheting with vibrant yarn.


Final Thoughts On Older Adults 

Everyone has unique physical constraints and a different amount of free time for new interests. What might be fantastic for someone else might be too much work for someone else. Be careful not to take on more than you can handle while being aware of your schedule and talents.

Start by incorporating one or two of fun and easy hobby ideas for older adults into your daily routine and see how you feel. As long as you enjoy what you’re doing and it isn’t adding stress to your life, you can always change up some activities or add others.

Why are Older Adults More Susceptible to Heat Stress?

Older adults more susceptible to heat stress can develop severe reactions. Some people over the age of 65 may be more susceptible to heat-related illnesses and require special care in hot weather. Living alone, chronic medical problems, and certain medications are all risk factors of potential heat stress.

Heat stress, also referred to as hyperthermia, occurs when the body’s ability to cool itself and maintain a healthy temperature is compromised. Sweating normally cools the body, but sweating isn’t always enough because the body temperature rises. Heat-related illnesses can range from mild conditions like a rash or cramps to serious and potentially fatal conditions like heatstroke.

Why are older adults more susceptible to heat stress?

  • When it comes to sudden temperature changes, older adults do not adjust as well as younger people.
  • They are more likely to have a chronic medical condition that alters normal body temperature responses.
  • They are more likely to use prescription medications that interfere with the body’s ability to regulate its temperature or sweat.

How to Prevent Heat Stress:

Dress Appropriately: Wear Lightweight, Light-Colored, Loose-Fitting Clothing.

  • Stay cool indoors: As much as possible, stay in an air-conditioned environment. All of our Terrace Place units have high-quality air conditioning.
  • Pace yourself: Limit your physical activity during the summer. If you’re not used to working or exercising in a hot environment, begin slowly and gradually increase your pace.
  • Wear sunscreen: Sunburn affects your body’s ability to cool down and can dehydrate you. If you must go outside, protect yourself from the sun by wearing a wide-brimmed hat, sunglasses, and applying SPF 15 or higher sunscreen 30 minutes before going out. Continue to reapply it as directed on the package.

What to do if Someone is Experiencing Heat Stress:

If you suspect someone is suffering from a heat-related illness, you should do the following:

  • Call 911 immediately.
  • Remove the person from the heat and place them in a shady, air-conditioned, or other cool location. Insist that they lie down.
  • Offer fluids such as water and fruit or vegetable juices if the person can swallow safely, but no alcohol or caffeine.
  • Wipe the wrists, neck, armpits, and groin with a cold, wet cloth. These are areas where blood flows close to the skin’s surface, and a cold cloth can help cool the blood.
  • If it is safe, encourage the person to shower, bathe, or sponge off with cool water.

Tips For Staying Positive and Young As You Age

How do you feel about the aging process? Do you see it as a positive rite of passage or a negative phenomenon that must be tolerated?

Experts and researchers on older adults agree that the following lifestyle factors can help improve your attitude toward aging and improve your quality of life. It’s never too late to start incorporating these habits into your daily routine.

Maintain physical activity – Physical activity and exercise are extremely beneficial to both our physical and emotional health. Daily moderate exercise is an excellent way to relieve stress, maintain a healthy weight, strengthen aging bones, and improve attitude. According to aging experts, a regular walking and strength training routine is an ideal way for many older Americans to maintain their fitness and sense of well-being. Consult your doctor before beginning an exercise program to determine the best plan for you.

Work on stress reduction – While it is nearly impossible to avoid stress and negative experiences as we age, there are a variety of useful ways to minimize and manage it. Different techniques work for different people, but many people have found that meditation, yoga, tai chi, walking, prayer, and deep breathing exercises are beneficial. Because stress can be harmful to both the mind and the body, it is critical to find a stress-reduction regimen that works for you.

Maintain brain activity – Maintaining a healthy, active brain is another important aspect of emotional health and well-being as we age, and it has also been linked to the prevention or delay of dementia. Crossword puzzles, board games, reading, learning a second language, painting, listening to classical music, and developing new skills are also thought to be beneficial to brain health. Many older Americans are now taking classes at a local college as well as online courses to keep their minds active.

You can reduce the stress of aging and improve your outlook on life by following these tips. When it comes to growing older, the phrase “attitude is everything” has proven to be true!

Memorial Day for Older Adults

Memorial Day is a special day in our country when we honor and remember those who have died while serving in the military. While many of us regard Memorial Day as the unofficial start of summer, it is critical that we assist our senior residents in honoring this day and remembering those who have died. Of course, you should still plan your Memorial Day cookout – who doesn’t want to have fun eating together? – but also consider including some of these more themed activities in your Memorial Day schedule.

Poppy Flowers: Since World War I, red poppies have been used as a way for people to mourn the loss of soldiers in the line of duty, and they have been known as the universal remembrance flower. Did you know that you can also contact your state’s Veterans of Foreign Wars headquarters to purchase artificial red poppies through the Buddy Poppy Program, which is run by disabled veterans in veteran hospitals.

National Moment of Remembrance: At 3 p.m. local time, all Americans are asked to observe a moment of silence in memory of those who died while serving. Consider planning a brief tribute that includes a moment of silence followed by the playing of the “Taps” bugle call during this time.

Flag Raising: The American flag is the most recognizable symbol of Memorial Day. On Memorial Day, consider holding a flag-raising ceremony. Please keep in mind that on Memorial Day, the flag should be flown at half-staff until noon, when it should be raised to full-staff until sunset.

These are just a few Memorial Day activities we love. We encourage you to come up with your own. And remember: however you spend the holiday, make the most of this opportunity to remember, give thanks, and spend time with those you care about.

Common Questions Terrace Place is Asked About Independent Living

Many older people reach a point in their lives when they no longer want to live in the big family house, but they also don’t require the assistance provided in an assisted living setting. Younger retirees frequently relocate to smaller condos. Those who are 55 and older, no longer want to cook, drive, or care for a home may prefer to live in an independent living community.

Choosing the right independent living community can be one of the most important decisions a aging adult will make. Location, amenities, dining, pricing, and visitor policies can all have an impact on your day-to-day quality of life. It is critical to conduct research when looking for an independent living community for yourself or when assisting an loved one in finding their ideal new home. Visit websites, request brochures, and, most importantly, schedule a tour of any senior community that interests you.

Why Terrace Place?

What is the Current Rent and Fee Schedule? 

Knowing the current rent and fee schedule is important and can help make your decision based on what you can afford each month.

Below is the current Terrace Place rent and fee schedule:

What is Included in the Rent? 

Asking what is included in the rent is always a great idea. You need to know the ins and outs of what you are paying for before you move in.

Here at Terrace Place, rent includes all utilities, high speed WiFi, maintenance to building and grounds, in-unit smart technology, parking, refuse collections, private on-site storage locker, transportation within a five-mile radius, programs and special events. Each resident is responsible for television and a landline phone package. Meal plans are available should you choose.

What Does Transportation Look Like? 

Whether you drive or don’t drive you need to know your transportation options. Is there a shuttle? What is parking like?

There is scheduled transportation available within a five-mile radius of Terrace Place at Vincentian. Outings and grocery store trips are also scheduled on a regular basis.

Terrace Place’s parking is all surface parking. There are plenty of parking spaces for all residents as well as guest/visitor parking. There will be no assigned parking spaces. The parking lot is designed to accommodate covered carports if there is a high demand from our residents; however, this was not originally planned.

Learn More About Terrace Place Independent Living.

These questions can assist you in selecting the best independent living community for your needs. We do recommend visiting our FAQs page on our website to answer any other questions you may have. However, if your question isn’t there, our staff at Terrace Place is eager to answer all of your questions so that you and your family can feel confident in this decision.

Winter Health & Safety Tips for Independent Living

The weather outside is frightful! Winter’s harsh chill and icy conditions can be particularly dangerous.

Here are some winter safety tips to prepare for a safer, healthier winter season.

Cold-weather protection – While it may seem obvious to dress warmly in the winter, this is especially crucial for the aging adults, who are more susceptible to hypothermia. To avoid lung injury, you should dress in layers, cover your head and hands, and breathe through a face covering when you walk outside in frigid conditions. Before you go for your morning walk on our walking trails please remember to bundle up.

Wear the Correct Footwear – Snow and cold weather create potentially slippery conditions that can result in an injury. Even if it’s merely to get on the shuttle bus, you should wear suitable non-slip footwear with lots of tread whenever you walk outside.

Eat a Well-Balanced Diet – Vitamin D insufficiency is one of the most common winter problems in the north east. To compensate for the loss of vitamin D we get from the sun, you should have a diversified diet high in vitamin D and calcium-rich foods such milk, eggs, and fish. If you aren’t taking a multivitamin should consider doing so now to ensure you are getting all of the vitamins and minerals needed for optimum health and a strong immune system.

Moisturize – Anyone’s skin can get painful and dry in the cold. Start moisturizing on a regular basis to minimize uncomfortable cracks and tears, especially after showering or washing your hands. Installing a humidifier in your bedroom and drinking enough water can also help. Even if you’re staying inside because it’s chilly outdoors, the dry air may have an impact on your home.

Here at Terrace Place we hope everyone has a healthy and safe winter!

New Years Eve Ideas for Your Independent Living Community

For some aging adults, ringing in the new year can be challenging, especially if they have recently lost a loved one, had a major accident, or been diagnosed with an age-related health issue. Terrace Place would like to ensure that our residents are happy and active. Instead of staying at home, encourage your loved one to celebrate with family and friends. Here are a few ideas for things to do on New Year’s Eve.

Dessert Party on New Year’s Eve – Everyone has a family recipe! Plan a dessert party after supper on New Year’s Eve with other residents to taste test a variety of traditional sweets you cook in your own kitchen.

Scavenger Hunt – Encourage your friends to come to Terrace Place and make a scavenger hunt. With our campus, event and dining room this would be fun!

Go Out For Brunch – Here at the Terrace Place we offer free transportation to our residents within 5 miles. Why not enjoy New Years Eve with brunch with your friends?

Throw a Party – The easy solution is to throw your own party in your room with your closest friends! Everyone can enjoy the countdown on the TV or dance to music.

Here at Terrace Place we hope everyone has a fantastic and healthy New Year!