Benefits of a Pet-Friendly Independent Living Community.

A good friend or two makes everything better, and it doesn’t simply apply to human friends. Companion animals, such as cats or dogs, provide us delight and can also give a variety of additional benefits, particularly for those who live in independent living communities.

Here’s a breakdown of health benefits your furry friends provide.

Pets make you more mobile and keep you going.

Some pets are naturally more active than others, and they can assist their owners in becoming more active as well. Regular walks, for example, will help both humans and dogs continue to move their bodies and get out in the fresh air for seniors who have pets.

Physical activity has well-documented health advantages. Seniors who are regularly active not only live longer on average, but they also live healthier lives. From improved cardiovascular health to supporting a healthy weight, increasing mood, and encouraging an independent lifestyle, seniors who are regularly active not only live longer on average, but they also live healthier lives.

Keep Depression at Bay

In an independent living facility, your loved one may feel lonely at first. That’s quite typical. It’s a significant change to be in unfamiliar surroundings, with new neighbors and employees instead of relatives. That’s why having a familiar — or even a new — pet may be quite beneficial. Furbabies bring a level of familiarity and companionship that cannot be overstated.

Heart Disease Prevention

Spending time with dogs can lower blood pressure and make you feel more relaxed. That’s why, among other things, dogs are frequently utilized as emotional support animals or to assist relieve tension in stressful situations such as finals week on college campuses, airports during peak seasons, and disaster areas. Studies have long shown that caressing a dog for a few minutes can lower blood pressure and avoid heart disease in the long run. It’s obviously something to consider when a pet may provide medication.

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