3 Tips for Summer Safety

Summer has arrived, bringing with it family vacations, outdoor barbecues, pool days, and a lot of time spent in the sun. Summer is a time to enjoy time with friends and family, but it’s also important to remember that aging adults face unique challenges and dangers. Summer dangers range from extreme heat to sun overexposure and dehydration, so be aware of them so you can make the most of the season! These three practical tips can help you and your family have a fun and safe summer!

Tip 1 – Keep Hydrated.

You can’t conserve as much water as you did when you were younger and your sense of thirst becomes less acute. This leaves you more prone to dehydration. You should drink at least 8 glasses of water per day and avoid dehydrating beverages such as alcohol and caffeinated beverages.

Tip 2 – Check the side effects of your prescriptions.

Some medications cause people to be more sun-sensitive. Check to see if your prescriptions require you to take extra precautions. It’s unlikely that you’ll have to give up outdoor activities, but you’ll need to pay extra attention to some of the other tips on this list to avoid problems.

Tip 3 – Understand the symptoms of heatstroke.

Hyperthermia is a condition caused by abnormally high body temperatures, which is common in the summer. Heatstroke is a severe form of hyperthermia that can be life-threatening. Knowing the symptoms of hyperthermia can help you avoid a heat stroke. If you or a loved one are experiencing any of the following symptoms, seek medical help right away:

  • – Fainting
  • – Not sweating
  • – Heavy breathing
  • – Rapid pulse
  • – Headache
  • – Nausea and vomiting
  • – Dry, flushed skin
  • – A sudden change in behavior (confusion, agitation)
  • – Body temperature higher than 104 degrees

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